Web Development and Design

Your website is one of the key marketing items for your brand.   It can tell people things about you, either good, or bad. We can build a site for you which will be both visually attractive, informationally useful, and functional.  We make sure your site’s message stays “good” side of your marketing.

What can we do for you? 

If you don’t have a site yet, or you have a site, and its old, or it is simply just not working for you.  We can redesign it to something new.  There are many concepts that need to be taken into account, including, user interfaces that are flexible and easy to understand for the visitor,  the ability for you to update your content quickly and efficiently, as well as making sure that you have the functional parts that visitors expect (Twitter, Facebook connections, contact forms, client logins, etc.).  We take all of these into account.

Usually, we use WordPress as our foundation since it is the most popular web framework out there, but, we are not limited to that.  We choose how we build your site based on your requirements, and, due to our experience, we are very flexible in how to do that for you.

I want to make my site do…

No problem.   WordPress likely has a plugin for that.  If not, we can build one.  Perhaps your site would be better hosted as a Node.js site?  No problem, we can do that.   Parallax, No Problem.  Have lots of data?  Want more data?  We will customize our solution based on what you need.