Shanta R. Nathwani, B. Com.

Shanta R. Nathwani on top of the world

Shanta is an IT, Web Design and Social Media Consultant and an Instructor in Web Design and Capstone Project at Sheridan College. This includes teaching small businesses how to use social media to increase their online presence leading to increased revenues and improved customer service.

Her experience in IT Support ranges from being the first point of contact for internal clients, to making recommendations to senior staff to streamline processes to improve the service of the IT department. She has assisted companies to incorporate social media in the real estate, financial, non-profit, education and technical fields to name a few.

She is a problem solver and have been said to have the patience of a saint. She can explain even the most difficult concepts to the most basic user and have developed training documents that allow clients to learn for themselves. She thrives on understanding the needs of my clients and believes in making social media as simple as possible and making it fun, which allows our clients to seamlessly incorporate it into their organization.

Shanta holds a Certificate in Business Management and a Bachelors of Commerce Degree from Ryerson University in Information Technology Management and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. Some of her volunteer activities include being the Alumni Advisor for the Women In Information Technology Management program at Ryerson University, Technical Advisor for the Malvern Red and Black Society and Assistant Instructor at the Canadian Martial Arts Centre.

She blogs at and can be found on Twitter @ShantaDotCa.