Kiera Howe

Kiera Howe has been in the computer industry, professionally, for 15 years, but her expertise and skills go back much farther. As a seasoned programmer, analyst, and technician she has abilities and experience covering multiple disciplines across the technology spectrum; from software development to network administration, to server administration and more. Kiera is able to turn her experience and skill into a highly effective solution no matter what the requirements.

Since 2005, Kiera has operated her own business serving small and medium business clients. From 2005 to 2012, she was the owner of TDCNet, an IT company providing computer and network support, internet access and web hosting to businesses. In 2012, Kiera sold TDCNet to her partner and formed Wiley Solutions to provide technology solutions primarily in the form of custom software development in web interfaces. Kiera also teaches web design at Sheridan College

Kiera’s passion is for automation, reporting and business intelligence. Kiera draws upon her experience to create business solutions that make operations easier, faster and less error-prone. Kiera’s goal is always to help businesses succeed and operate better.

Kiera has a diploma in Computer Engineering Technology, with honours, from Seneca College.